Whirlpool Water Filter 3 43 96 8412-PacksBlue

Whirlpool Water Filter 3 43 96 8412-PacksBlue
Whirlpool - For the cleanest water, replace your filter every six months to maximize contaminant reduction. Fresh & pure tasting - Create better tasting water for drinking and making beverages as well as clean. Filters are independently tested to reduce lead, iron and other contaminants. Easy to install and replace: no tools required.
Product id:whirlpool filter 34396841 Product Parameter: Flow Rate: 05gpm1. 9lpm   micron Rate: 05 microns   pressure: 30-120psi 207-827KPA   Temperature:Min. 33°f(06°c)~ max. 100°f(38°c)   working Pressure:Min. 30psi207kPa~Max. 120psi(827 kpa)   Flow Rate:05gpm1. 9lpm   capacity:200gallons757liters   filter life: replace disposable filter every 6 Moths or 200 Gallons757Liters   Works with models: Code de produit: Whirlpool Filter 34396841 Paramètre de produit: Débit: 0
Whirlpool Water Filter 3 43 96 8412-PacksBlue - 5gpm1. 9lpm   taux micron: 05 microns   pression: 30-125psi 207-862KPA   Température: Min. 33°f(0
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