Quafilter Whirlpool 4396841 4396710 Filter 3 46-9030 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 3 PCS

Quafilter Whirlpool 4396841 4396710 Filter 3 46-9030 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 3 PCS
Quafilter - Satisfied guarantee】full refund would be issued once you are not satisfied with our items, no need to worry much when you choose Purer. Easy install & replace】replace it every 6 months for maximum contaminants reduction. Need to replace your refrigerators water dispenser filter but dont want to pay name-brand prices? Don't let the affordable price tag fool you: the quality and performance of our filter rivals that of top manufacturers! Home Pro Quafilter Refrigerator Water Filter●We are here for improving your lifestyle.
Changes happen from every items you purchase, and now let's satrt with your fountain of life. Our advanced generation of ice & water refrigerator filters from Home Pro Quafilter Refrigerator Water Filter reduces the most contaminants,say goodbye to chlorine taste, turbidity, rust, odor, dirt, sediment, heavy metals and harmful sediments.
Quafilter Whirlpool 4396841 4396710 Filter 3 46-9030 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 3 PCS - Generalcolor category:bluemodel number:4396841number of units:3parAMETERS: Temperature: 1-38℃ 34-100oFFlow Rate: 05gpmpressure: 30-125 psicapacity: 300 gallonsCompatible with side-by-side refrigerators with a push-button filter located in the grille at the bottom of the fridge. Compatible models kenmore -- 46-9020; 46-9020p; 46-9030;46-9030p;4609020000; 469020; 469020p;469030;469030ppur -- w10121145 ; w10121146 ; w10177635 ; w10186667 ; w10193691 ; w10193691t whirlpool -- 4396710 ; 4396710b ; 4396710p ; 4396710t ; 4396711b ; 4396841 ; 4396841b ; 4396841p ; 4396841t ; 4396842b ; 4396842 replacement cartridge p1rfwb2 for system models p1wb2 & P1WB2L Kenmore, amana, jenn-air, KitchenAid, maytag, whirlpool, PUR Filter】Certified genuine refrigerator water filter for all these brands.
Reduce most contaminants】no more chlorine taste, sediment, rust, dirt, odor, turbidity, heavy metals and harmful sediments. Provide purer water and ice】improve tastes and lifestyles, not just for what you drink, your meals also matter!
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QualityWater Tech
Whirlpool 2260518B Aftermarket Water Filter Cap for Refrigerators Fits Most Whirlpool and Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerators Black
QualityWater Tech - Whirlpool 2260518b is a compatible replacement for the following filter models: whirlpool 1058146, 4396842, 4396841, ah969168, 2305267, p1rfkb2, 4396710, 10654792803, ed2dhexwb00, pbss, 9020p, w10193691, p2wg2, 469020, 95357630, t1rfkb1, 9030, w10186667, 10654784803, p1kb1, t1rfwb2, t1wb2l, t1kb1, 4396711, w10121146, p2wg2l, p1wg2l, 4396710p, 2313412, 4396841b, t1wg2l, 9030p, p1wb2, p1wb2l, w10177635, pb-ss, 4396842b, ea969168, 4609030000, t2wg2l, 2305222, ps969168, 9020b, ed2dhexwl00 kenmore 10654782803, 9020, p1rfwb2, 10654783803, t1wb2, 46-9020, 2260518b, 46-9030, 2260515, 4396841t, t1wg2, 4396710t, 4609020000, t1rfwg2, p1wg2, p1rfwg2, 9030b, 4396710b, 2260518w, p2rfwg2, 4396841p, t1rfkb2, 2260538, t2rfwg2, t2wg2, t1kb2, p1rfkb1, 469030, p1kb2, w10121145, 10654793803 whirlpool 2260518B Specifications: Part number: 2260518B Color: Black Material: Plastic Dimensions: 1-3/4"x2-1/4" Fits into place quickly and easily Matches refrigerator models with a black lower grille Aftermarket replacement for Whirlpool Water Filter Cap 2260518B.
When it is time to replace your refrigerator water filter, twist off the cap and attach it to the new filter. Matches refrigerator models with a black lower grille. Works with most side by side whirlpool, jenn-air, magic Chef, maytag, admiral, kitchenAid, Amana, Kenmore, Norge and Roper Refrigerators with the Water Filter on the Bottom Front Grille.
Quafilter Whirlpool 4396841 4396710 Filter 3 46-9030 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 3 PCS - Works with models: ed2fhexvb00, ed2fhexvl00, ed2kvexvq00, ed2kvexvl, ed2jhexts00, ed2fhEXVS00 and many others See Below. The whirlpool 2260502b replacement cap keeps the clean look of your black refrigerator by covering the water filter from view. Colored black to match the finish of the fridge, when installed the water filter will be hidden from view to improve the look of your kitchen.
When it is time to replace your refrigerator water filter just twist off the cap and plug it onto the new filter.
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Package: one water filter cap compatible filter cap replacement for the following modells: pur:w10121145;w10121146;w10177635;w10186667;w10193691;w10193691t kenmore:46-9020;46-9020p;4609020000;469020;469020p whirlpool:4396710;4396710b;4396710p;4396710t;4396711b;4396841;4396841b;4396841p;4396841t;4396842b;4396842 description: best replacement Part with 60 days warranty! Made with quality materials PP high strength plastic, which means it will offer a service life of a couple years.
Quafilter Whirlpool 4396841 4396710 Filter 3 46-9030 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 3 PCS - We guarantee the quality with our strong belief of PP plastic. With this little magic cap, pushing, pulling, you can easily accomplish all kinds of installation actions, twisting, etc. Necessary part of your fridge! why do you need a cap?it holds the filters in and apply the exact pressure while you try to get it out, indeed this little piece of plastic can be a big deal.
Certain brand filters out there really need this cap based on the special design of the filter placement in the refrigerator. It might get extremely tight at the bottom of the fridge and some even totally stuck in. You have no one to blame but the designer. In these cases, the only place you can touch is just the bare round top of the filter.
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Whirlpool 2260518B Affordable Alternative Generic Water Filter Cap for Refrigerators by Fresh Up
- Fridge Replacement Part. Works with models: ed2fhexvb00, ed2kvexvl, ed2kvexvq00, ed2fhexvl00, ed2jhexts00, ED2FHEXVS00. This is for one whirlpool 2260518B Water Filter Refrigerator Cap.
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