Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home

Savvy Home
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home
Savvy Home SYNCHKG107768 - So. What are you waiting for? order our cold brew coffee maker and start your every day on a refreshing note! Premium quality coffee maker: can't get your day started without coffee? Savvy Home is proud to present its Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser which is great for making ultra smooth cold brew coffee, flavor infused tea or to experiment and create infused water with fruits and vegetables.
Bpa free: special care is taken to make every cold brew coffee maker completely safe by making them BPA free. It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and fits in most refrigerator doors. Happiness guaranteed: we are sure that our cold brew coffee Maker and Tea Infuser will help you enjoy your drinks perfectly.
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - Also, it can easily brew 6 to 8 servings because of its 1. 5l 48 oz large capacity! We just helped you find an Ideal present, didn't we? Your friends and family will love it! So, it is guaranteed to last a LONG time. Our coffee Maker has a large 1. 5l 48 oz capacity and can easily brew 6 to 8 servings each time for the ultra coffee or tea drinker, or for that gathering at your house this weekend.
We ensure 100% satisfaction and are offering a 30-day return policy, no questions asked!
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Tenby Living
Tenby Living Extra-Wide, Extra-Tall Jumbo Step Stool with Removable Non-Slip Caps and Rubber Grips, Gray
Tenby Living TBL-SS-GR1 - Removable non-slip caps - can be removed to drain water off the surface. Extra wide non-slip rubber grips on the underside. The extra wide non-slip rubber grips on the underside prevents it from sliding and non-slip surface reduces the risk of slipping. Jumbo size - extra wide and extra tall gray jumbo step stool.
The tenby living step stool is extra-wide and extra tall 2-step stool that is ideal for kids, toddlers, and even adults. Made of high quality plastic, the step stool gives you and your children the extra height for teeth brushing, potty training, and reaching items around the house. Non-slip surface reduces the risk of slipping.
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - Measures 15 3/4" w x 13 3/4" d x 9 1/4" h each. The stool measures 15 3/4" w x 13 3/4" d x 9 1/4" h.
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Slim Push Button Shaker Mills with Collapsible Funnel and Storage Pouch - Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Gift Set of 2 Grinders by Maestro
- A must have charming kit in any beautiful home kitchen patio/bar or restaurant collection. Ergonomic design thumb operated for a healthy life style - 6-inch tall Stainless Steel kitchen tools are engineered to operate with just one snap. A few finger presses will produce freshly ground spices on the spot.
Just add to cart and freshly ground spices will be a finger press away. Hassle-free packaging for a clean world - Minimalist packaging helps to reduce pollution for a cleaner world and represents the solution to the perfect gift for any occasion or even just for you. Spice chamber has a capacity of 10 to 30 grams depending on size of unground seasoning.
Easy to use - these kitchen accessories work great with dry ground gourmet table seasonings. Control your Salt and Pepper intake with a simple finger press. A brushed steel finish with portable style - Withstands fingerprints for an always clean look compared to plastic made grinders. A fashionable storage pouch is included for easier transport.
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - Our mills feature high-quality stainless steel construction with a viewing window to check the contents. Push, grind and release your seasoning. Very easy to use - this salt and Pepper Grinder Kit is an innovative kitchen accessory that can be comfortably operated by the thumb. Take it with you everywhere, camping, boating or simply at a picnic with your family.
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Tiny Footprint Coffee
Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Cold Press Elixir - Cold Brew Coffee, Ground, 16 Ounce
Tiny Footprint Coffee SYNCHKG037616 - Funding reforestation in Ecuador's cloud forests. Flavor profile: sweet, silky richness with subtle bright fruit and floral tones infused in a cocoa like body. How are we carbon negative? well, it takes 4 lbs of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 lb of our coffee. Bag of cold press Elixir - Cold Brew Coffee. All of our coffees come from select high-altitude Fair Trade cooperatives and farms, third-party certified organic by Onecert.
Tiny footprint coffee -tiny footprint was founded in 2010 by a team of specialty coffee artisans as the world’s first carbon negative coffee company. Mindocloudforest. Org 1 - 1 lb. Over time, these trees will remove 54 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere. The mindo cloudforest foundation works directly with local landowners to provide jobs related to the care and redevelopment of the cloud forest.
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - These trees not only sequester massive amounts of carbon from the air, reinforce soil conservation techniques, but also provide habitat to hundreds of local bird species, and rebuild water tables. For every pound that’s sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to fund reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest.
Beginning in 2008, mcf designed and is executing Ecuador's first and only Verified Carbon Standard validated reforestation project. 100% arabica & Organic coffee beans.
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Kitchen Supreme
7 Piece Rabbit Ear Bundle with Stand, Bottle Plug, Wine Aerator, Drip Ring, Foil Cutter & EXTRA Teflon Spiral + Wooden Box Perfect Gift Set - Rabbit Wine Opener Corkscrew BEST Wine Bottle Opener
Kitchen Supreme Most Wished for Bottle Opener - With its impeccable, unique design & copper plating, being a fabulous choice for elegant dinners, this Rabbit Ears Wine Opener is the PERFECT partner for any wine enthusiast. The dance of grapes in the cups of kings You need the right key to get in and that key is always the Rabbit Ear Wine Opener. Protect your investment: 5 years warranty for your rabbit wine bottle opener.
With the rabbit wine bottle opener, the world no longer seems difficult to conquer, tucked in your pocket, not if you start in France. Superior & the rabbit bottle opener instructions, 1 drip ring for preventing stains & complete rabbit wine opener set: the kitchen supreme bundle has 1 zinc alloy rabbit wine opener with stand, 1 Wine aerator, hard copies, 1 Bottle Plug, keeping wine fresh, plus an EXTRA Teflon Spiral and The Wine Bible & 1 Foil Cutter, for a FLAWLESS bottle opening, exquisite design, all in an engraved wooden box.
Genuine: this rabbit bottle wine opener will impress. The chianti dance, golden in the tuscany sun What a marvelous view the Rabbit Bottle Opener must have from his stand, looking towards the aerator, the drip ring and bottle plug. The rabbit bottle Opener wraps all wine flavors in the amazing aerator. Who would you buy it for?
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - Valencia, bold in heart the rabbit wine Opener never loses strength! Imagine opening a bottle of red wine, red in color, with this beautifully designed rabbit corkscrew wine opener. Sparkling noise of the cava spanish delight When the rabbit bottle opener pierces the plug, yet delicate, powerful and firm, as wine deserves.
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Bean Envy
Premium Bundle Includes Electric Milk Frother - Bean Envy 34 oz French Press Coffee, Espresso and Tea Maker - Best Press For 1, 3, 4 or 8 Cups
Bean Envy SYNCHKG116982 - We invested countless hours over-engineering our press to contain the highest quality materials and internal working parts. Product details: 8mm thick thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass bpa-free durable abs plastic 18/8 stainless steel internal plunger and filter gaskets over-engineered screw design Commercial quality filter screen Tapered silicone knob for comfort and easy plunging Easy grip design handle for premium comfort 16 oz water marking for accuracy Dishwasher safe all pieces   ORDER INCLUDES: Bean Envy French Press Bean Envy Milk Frother stand included Extra filter screen Instructions manual Lifetime warranty Transport yourself to your favorite cafÉ or bistro: bean envy's french press delivers your perfect coffee experience, or sending as a gift to loved ones, just like the professional baristas.
If you are not 100% satisfied, please CONTACT US immediately. We include an exceptional handheld electric milk frother ASIN B01K8W0BZI with stand perfect for your cappuccinos, or even mixing a cocktail, an extra commercial quality filter screen, lattes, and a detailed instruction manual. Superior quality: not all french presses are created equally.
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - Did you know you can also use this to juice fresh berries raspberries, rinse quinoa, strawberries, etc. Blueberries, rehydrate dried foods, blackberries, and strain the liquid off frozen vegetables such as spinach? Simply exchange the included extra filter screen for other uses. Whether you're entertaining friends or family, we guarantee our French Press will deliver an excellent, crafting a single cup of coffee for yourself, pure, cup of coffee.
Premium bundle for a premium coffee experience: this bean envy premium bundle includes TWO amazing coffee products in one package.
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Riches & Lee
Home Kitchen Steel Chef Knife: Premium Razor Sharp 8 Inch Stain & Wear Resistant German Blade: Pakka Wood Grip - The Perfect Gift - All Purpose Knives For Chopping, Carving, Dicing & Mincing
Riches & Lee - It will revolutionize your family's meal preparation. Stain & wear resistant:not only is our knife built with best quality steel and carbon, it's also finished with 14-15% chrome. From the polished chrome finish blade, to the rare front tapered bolster and mosaic riveting, to the ergonomic gold-laced luxury pakka wood grip, birthday, this visually stunning knife makes the perfect wedding, and holiday gift.
Carbon strength:Carbon steel is tough, holds its edge, and won't discolor. Stain & wear resistant: through the point, edge, heel, tip, our premium chef's knives resist staining and wear, and bolster grip, protecting your investment for years to come. Lifetime warranty: if you're not completely thrilled with the professional results of the Riches & Lee 8 Inch Chef's Knife, it's covered by our lifetime warranty, no questions asked.
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - Unparalleled performance:the Athena Series 8 Inch Chef Knife begins with brilliant technology, expert craftsmanship, and premium materials. This anti-corrosion durability ensures consistently buttery smooth performance and protects the knife's look. Slice fruit, chop herbs, and carve meat with V-shaped edging, tapered at a 9-11 degree angle for razor sharp cuts.
Exquisite design: Your chef's knife handles 90% of your daily food tasks. This produces satisfying heft and superior hand control for scalpel precision cuts every time. Thanks to its engineered construction, this knife maintains both form and function, providing top value into the future.
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Blue Roof
1.2L - for Gas, Electric, IR Stoves - Blue Roof Pour-over Coffee Kettle/Tea Kettle - Stainless Steel Coffee Kettle w/Built-in Thermometer and Stainless Steel Coffee Filter for Hand Drip Coffee & Tea
Blue Roof SYNCHKG112674 - This stainless steel mesh filter fits over regular cups/mugs. Burn your coffee beans no more! stylish gooseneck that lets you pour hot water in a steady & singular stream to maintain higher brew temperatures than multiple streams that ordinary tea kettles or coffee makers produce. Solid design, and with good care, consistent Performance Made of rust-proof & durable stainless steel, this drip kettle is easy to clean, is sure to adorn your countertop for years.
Get used to drinking a perfect brew unlike a common tea kettle or hot water kettle, our pour-over coffee kettle guarantees a deep & rich brew every single time, thanks to: Built-in Thermometer that eliminates guesswork. It’s travel friendly & a perfect replacement for paper filters. And of course, unlike a whistling tea kettle, it doesn’t hiss.
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - Click ‘add to cart’ & order a blue roof stainless steel coffee kettle today! perfect brew, every time - this premium stainless steel coffee kettle/tea kettle from Blue Roof lets you prepare a perfect brew of your favorite coffee beans/ tea leaves with utter ease - A built-in thermometer gets rid of all the guesswork & maintains ideal water temperature at all times -No more burning your expensive coffee beans.
Designed to please, modernist minimalism - an elegant gooseneck lets you pour a steady, built to last - blue roof hand drip kettle features our bespoke beehive design that fuses the grand coffee heritage of olden times with the chic, singular stream of hot water to create uniformly rich brew. Adequate volume for all brews - with a volume of 1, 200 ml 40 oz.
This coffee kettle/tea kettle holds adequate volume of water for all brewing needs - One batch of water from this hot water kettle amounts to 6 regular sized cups of coffee - Also included in the package is a sturdy, portable & reusable stainless steel coffee filter. Easy to use & pouring hot water is simpler than ever thanks to a heat-proof easy-grip handle - Works on gas, electric & clean - unlike any ordinary electric tea kettle, coffee maker or tea maker, blue roof pour-over Coffee Kettle is extremely easy to use - It maintains its own temperature & infrared stoves & kitchen ranges.
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Symposium Supply Co.
Rabbit-Style Corkscrew with Aerator - 5 Piece Stylish Gift Set For The Wine Lover - New Wine Bottle Opener Set by Symposium Supply
Symposium Supply Co. SMP-01 - Provides clean cut presentation to your open wine bottle. Makes a thoughtful gift for oenophiles - Any wine connoisseur will appreciate this useful set. A must-have for every home bar. Whether you prefer the bolder taste of red wines, or something in between, fruity taste of white wines, the lighter, this premium wine accessory bundle is a must-have for anyone who enjoys wine at home.
This premium wine accessories bundle is the ultimate gift for the wine lover. Buy this kit today and never struggle with another hard-to-remove wine cork again! Pop corks like a pro - eliminate the hassle of removing the cork from any wine bottle with this rabbit-style corkscrew. The ergonomic handle offers extra comfort, premium-grade zinc alloy, even for those with arthritis.
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - It's like having your own in-house sommelier!you'll feel like a pro when you use the tools in this premium wine accessories kit from Symposium Supply. This bundle includes an easy-to-use rabbit-style opener with display stand, a unique aerator, a foil cutter, and an extra spiral worm. Everything you need to serve your favorite wine blends and varietals.
First, use the easy-grip foil cutter to remove the capsule that protects the cork. The foil cutter eliminates jagged edges for a clean look.
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Champion Bike
Dual Spring Designed Suspension Artificial Leather Bike Seat Bicycle Saddle Black - Champion Gel Bike Saddle
Champion Bike - Features : 11. 4 x 7. 8 x 5. 5 inch dimension 1. 6 ibs weight package included : 1*bike saddle watch your health and your well being, and place your order now! No pain: soreness is one of the reason why many riders use the bike only for the 1st week or two, Champion bike Saddle/seat offers a gel foam padded and dual density pain-free saddle that is designed for enhancing biking experience.
Smooth as butter: unless you enjoy bumpy ride, champion bike Saddle is your way to smoothness due to its state of the art Carbon Steel Coil Technology which offers DUAL spring suspensions that helps smoothing your ride even at the worst road condition. One size fit all: buy once and use everywhere, Champion Bicycle Saddle is universally designed that fits all standard bike sizes and even the stationary bike.
Large Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L 48 oz Glass Carafe Pitcher with Removable Stainless Steel Double Mesh Filter by Savvy Home - 100% satisfaction: champion bike saddle is well designed and tested, that's why this seat is backed with 100% money back guarantee policy. Champion bike saddle totally replaces your old and hard saddle, with its durable design, suspension system and its versatility will never disappoint you. Take it from a rider you ride to Enjoy Champion bicycle saddle is carefully updated version by a group of designers and riders.
If you are a bike rider you should already know your Bike Saddle is a matter of well being, especially if you ride for long hours. It is medically proven that the quality of your saddle has great relation to the rider's health, especially to the Groin Area.
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Pedi Wand Holder for Variation
Pamperped - Holder Holder.
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