Bosch 6030C 6030C Hepa Cabin Air Filter

Bosch 6030C 6030C Hepa Cabin Air Filter
Bosch 6030C - Without adding formulated chemical odor neutralizer, Bosch HEPA cabin filters provide true clean air to enhance respiratory health. Per test astmd2986 on part numbers 6003c, 6026c, 6029C, 6055C, 6056. Melt-blown electrostatic layer and very dense media provides greater trapping capabilities; Additional static cotton layer added to HEPA Media to provide high capacity in holding small particulates.
Structural ribs added to provide increase stability of filter. High efficiency particulate Cabin Air Filters are designed to trap microscopic pollutants including pollen, mold and common allergens. Bosch hepa cabin air filters provide ultimate protection in trapping allergens, dust, and other particulates that can enter your vehicle in order to provide the cleanest ambient air possible for you and your family.
Bosch 6030C 6030C Hepa Cabin Air Filter - Cabin air filters should be replaced at least once every 12 months. Designed and tested to meet high efficiency particulate Air HEPA standards based on test standard ASTM D2986, Bosch Cabin Air Filters provide filtration efficiency of 99. 97% at 03 microns.
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FRAM CA10497 Extra Guard Rigid Rectangular Panel Air Filter
FRAM CA10497 - A clean air filter improves air flow and prevents dirt and dust from entering the engine. Fram extra guard air filters are engineered with an advanced filter media that has been through rigorous testing and have been proven to provide 2X the engine protection* than the average leading standard retail brand air filter.
12, 000 miles change intervals helps prevent decreased acceleration and horsepower while helping improve overall performance. Based on fram group testing of filter efficiency of models ca4309, cA8039, CA8755A, CA326 and CA6479 and their standard retail brand equivalent under ISO 5011. Follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner's manual.
Bosch 6030C 6030C Hepa Cabin Air Filter - 12, 000 mile change intervals help prevent decreased acceleration and horsepower while helping improve overall performance. On-pack directions and illustrations provide clear installation instructions. Provides 2X the engine protection. Fram engineering laboratories defines the air filter category by providing a clear choice over other filters.
Follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle's owner's manual.
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Mitsubishi MR968274, Air Filter
Mitsubishi MR968274 - So we may have to adjust the shipping if you order an Aluminium part and its restricted for sale in the USA. There are also times, we list an item and the oem advises us the part is on back Order or obsolete, we update our records weekly, but from time to time the OEM Will back order an item before we can remove from our store, please know we will do all we can to lo Genuine Mitsubishi OEM product.
Thank youbusiness hours: 9 am to 5:30 pm est shipping & handling shipping service:please refer the shipping sectionshipping cost:Please refer the shipping sectionShip-to location:Please refer the shipping sectionOrder Processing Time:15 business daysAbout the Part Part Number: MR968274 Please note the following:This following part is marked as an extended handling order, and is NOT in our normal stock ready to ship, so will be placed on special order with the named OEM supplier.
Although we are able to get most of these parts, we have to use backdoor channels and get them from eastern Europe and use DHL for shipping direct. Mitsubishi oem 13-15 outlander engine-air cleaner filter element mr968274 seller & payment Information Seller name:whiteracingproductsllc_nosSee our other listingsWe Accept: Customer Support If you have questions about the product or your order please contact us via Messages for assistance.
Bosch 6030C 6030C Hepa Cabin Air Filter - Most items are shipped much sooner than the times posted, but some will require importing from Europe and Asia, so we have implemented this extended handling time. Also, please be aware that some items will be restricted for sale in the usa, inspite of the listing showing stock If we are not able to supply, we have no way to know which items fall under this category until we place the order with the OEM, we may not be able to supply the part, if your vehicle is an Export model, a full refund will be issued.
Some aluminium body parts are also restricted, these include but not limited to Audi - VW - Porsche and are generally body structural parts.
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FRAM CF10140 Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer
FRAM CF10140 - Provides more air flow for improved performance and helps prevent musty odors from forming inside the vehicle. Plus, it’s the only cabin air filter with Arm & Hammer baking soda and activated carbon embedded in the filter media that can help remove odors flowing through the vehicle ventilation system.
Fram fresh breeze cabin air filters can keep up to 98% of road dust and pollen particles from entering your vehicle to improve your driving comfort. Keeps damaging particles from entering the engine and causing increased engine wear. Filters up to 98% of dust, pollen, and other contaminants. Arm & hammer baking soda combined with carbon cleans the outside air flowing through the ventilation system.
Bosch 6030C 6030C Hepa Cabin Air Filter - Installation instructions are included in every box, along with QR codes to installation videos.
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K&N 33-3015 Replacement Air Filter
K&N 33-3015 - High air flow with exceptional filtration. Lasts up to 50, 000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions. Can be cleaned and used again. Works with original equipment manufacturer vehicle electronics. These filters are washable and reusable and are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box.
Designed to boost horsepower and rate of acceleration. We make over 1, 200 different replacement air filters for virtually every vehicle on the road. Their drop-in design means adding performance is simple. K&n's replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration.
Bosch 6030C 6030C Hepa Cabin Air Filter - Our stock replacement air filters for street vehicles are covered by our famous K&N Million-Mile Limited Warranty and will be THE LAST AIR FILTER YOUR VEHICLE WILL EVER NEED. With most vehicles you simply remove the disposable air filter and replace it with a K&N. See applicable instruction sheet for details.
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Premium Guard
PG Air Filter PA99078 | Fits 2007-08 Mitsubishi Grandis, 2014-17 Lancer, 2014-18 Outlander, 2013-18 Outlander Sport, 2013-18 RVR
Premium Guard PA99078 - Premium guard air filters are engineered to meet, OEM air filter requirements of up to 12, or exceed, 000 miles of engine air filtration protection from items such as dust and other harmful air particles. Premium guard air filters provide up to 99% filtration efficiency of dust, pollen, and other hazardous air contaminants while limiting air restrictions to ensure optimal airflow to the engine which provides optimal engine performance.
See what it fits: 2007-08 Mitsubishi Grandis 2. 4l2014-17 mitsubishi Lancer 2. 0l 2015:naturally aspirated2014-17 Mitsubishi Lancer 2. 4l2014-18 mitsubishi Outlander 2. 4l2014-18 mitsubishi Outlander 3. 0l2013-18 mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2. 0l2015-18 mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2. 4l2013-18 mitsubishi RVR 2. 0l2015-18 mitsubishi RVR 2.
Bosch 6030C 6030C Hepa Cabin Air Filter - 4lreplacement of ecogard# xa10418, purolator# a31397, fram# ca10910, wix# wa10058 superior engine protection and Enhanced Engine Performance with up to 99% cleaner air before it flows into the car's engine. High capacity air filter media for removal of harmful airborne particles such as dust, pollen, non-restricting airflow, and other debris while providing high airflow, to ensure optimal engine performance which improves vehicle miles per gallon.
Compatible with mitsubishi grandis, outlander sport, rVR.
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This air filter's sealing edge was engineered to insure a proper air box seal and great engine protection. High flow replacement filter designed to fit perfectly in your stock airbox. Engineered for increased flow and greater performance. Fits multiple Nissan, Infiniti & Subaru applications.
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Please check our photos and make sure the part shown looks identical to your stock one. Package includes: 10 extruded U-nuts, 15 Body Bolts, 3 Push Clips. 3-month hassle-free return and money back, please buy with confidence. Fits infiniti g35 g37 fx35 fx45 ex35, nissan 370Z 350Z see details. Condition: Brand new and high quality, well packed.
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Air filter oil, 12 oz. Restores air flow efficiency so your K&N air filter performs like new! Includes 6. 5 oz. K&n air filter cleaner and air filter oil for cleaning any K&N Recharger Kits contain K&N Air Filter.
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Gki air filters are engineered to maximize filtration media surface area.
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Reduces oil consumption via the piston rings and valve guides. Prevents blue, smoky exhaust fumes. Prevents leaks due to leaks at elastomeric seals.
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