YukChuk Under-Counter Kitchen Food Waste Compost Container.

YukChuk Under-Counter Kitchen Food Waste Compost Container.
YukChuk YK101 - Bracket and screws included. No charcoal filter replacement costs, HDPP, the same material used in milk containers and other food containers. High Density Polypropylene. Kitchen food waste collection has never been so easy. Mounts behind kitchen cabinet door or free standing. Our 'living hinge' proprietary technology is engineered into the mold design and exacting production process controls.
Bracket and stainless steel screws included. Upgrade to a YukChuk. Not just another me-too Plastic Bucket! Specifically engineered and designed for homemaker-easy kitchen food waste collection. Simple one-handed operation, for quick and homemaker friendly use. No $$ charcoal filter to replace, NO need, NO ongoing replacement cost.
YukChuk Under-Counter Kitchen Food Waste Compost Container. - The only living hinge food waste container available -- THE most Sanitary! -- Dishwasher Safe. Made from high-density polypropylene, No fruit flies. And the bracket serves as a liner bag hold down at the back. The forward opening lid requires no clips or your hand to hold open when filling. 1 1/2 gallon capacity.
Twin lid Locks to seal.
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YukChuk LLC.
Premium Kitchen Compost BIO-BAGS by YukChuk. 2 x 25/roll, 17.5 x 14 x 0.9 mil, 2.5 gallon. ASTM D6400 & EN13432 Compliant.
YukChuk LLC. YK108 - Yk liner bags are an ideal for most countertop food scraps containers, and a perfect fit to our mounted Under-Counter YukChuk Kitchen Food Waste Container. This is a premium bag in every sense and the result of our market research into just what exactly consumers are in need of. The resulting yk Liner BAGs are now available for market.
Custom manufactured and branded to yukChuk's demanding specifications. Yukchuk llc entered the food Recycling business some 3 years ago with our under counter Food Waste Container. Store and dispense from a YukChuk Bio-Bag Roll Dispenser for total ease of changing bags. Tough 'n rugged. Yukchuk liner bags will begin the reducing process as soon as they are exposed to air.
YukChuk Under-Counter Kitchen Food Waste Compost Container. - The consumer sustainability community will find the YK Liner Bag a convenient addition to their save the planet efforts. It's success with the discerning customer and high customer ratings have led us to believe that serving a niche market with top performing high quality products best suites our family business compared to going after the big box retailers.
Yukchuk bio-bag are vacuum sealed as they are manufactured and shipped directly to YukChuk where we break the seal and repack, on demand, into retail bags to maintain their strength and 'freshness'. No need to double up when replacing your liner bag. 100% organic.
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YukChuk LLC.
Kitchen Food Waste collection Kit ; 25 x 2 ½ gallon Liner BAG roll and Bag roll Dispenser.
YukChuk LLC. - The new yukchuk shorty bag dispenser with lid is designed to minimize any airflow and maximize bag shelf life, and our proprietary Organic YukChuk Liner-BAG are vacuum sealed as they are manufactured and shipped directly to YukChuk where we break the seal and repack into retail bags to maintain their strength and shelf life.
The yukchuk 'shorty' liner-bag dispenser is the answer to bag roll storage and retrieval. So easy to use. Simply tear off a bag and that's it. Designed for yukchuks and any brand of bags that come in rolls up to 2. 5" diameter x 3. 5" tall with one at a time feed slot. Food scraps, personal products, Baby Diapers, Dog Poop and so on.
YukChuk Under-Counter Kitchen Food Waste Compost Container. - No need to close and put that cardboard box away somewhere else. Works just as well with any brand of Bag rolls up to 2. 5" diameter x 3. 5" tall, the next bag is right there, including NORPRO and OGGI. The perfect companion to the YukChuk under-counter kitchen food waste bin also sold though Amazon. 2 ½ gallon food waste liner-bags are also ideal for kitchen and bathrooms, next to doggy leash.
In a yukchuk bag dispenser, ready and waiting.
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Meets stringent requirements of municipal composting programs and ASTM D6400;. The us industry compostable standards authority. Also meet strict european VINCOTTE requirement for backyard composting. Bpi certified.
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YukChuk Under-Counter Kitchen Food Waste Compost Container. - In return, the fungi receive essential sugars and other compounds from the plant roots, fueling their own growth. Safe for use around children and pets. The jobe’s biozome advantage for organic gardening: improves the long-term soil quality of your garden, increases root mass, promotes plant growth and helps your garden resist disease, insects, drought and other unfavorable conditions within a growing season.
Jobe’s biozome contains a proprietary species of Archaea that quickly breaks down complex hydrocarbons and minerals into basic nutrients and trace elements that plants readily absorb. In garden applications, scientists have discovered that these microbes actually clean the soil, returning it to a healthier, more natural state.
We recommend doing a soil test before using any soil amendments.
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Compliant with all labeling requirements set forth by California law. Extra strong, leak proof star seal bottoms. Made in usa from US Made resins. Ecosafe-6400 compostable bin liners are designed to meet the needs of each of these stakeholders in the diversion chain. Commercial users want a liner that performs every time, is easy to use, and cost effective.
YukChuk Under-Counter Kitchen Food Waste Compost Container. - Astm d6400 certified compostablebpi cert#890992 bags for food waste. Composters want a liner that processes properly in their systems leaving clean uncontaminated compost. Waste haulers want a liner that fits their carts and that they can trust to keep them clean day in and day out.
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Supports the weight within the bucket and from the back of the bucket, 2 support tabs affix the bucket to the main horizontal support of our rack. Once installed, you are able to lock the lid in the open position with a rare earth magnet mounted to the exterior of vented lid. Strengthened 2 gallon plastic bucket easily slides off rack for cleaning, emptying, or for counter top use.
Mounting screws and 2 carbon filters included. Improvements include: positive locking lid closure, Strengthened handle, Bottom grip, Feet added to bucket base: Keeps bucket bottom clean and dry. With a flip of the hand, the neodymium magnet is released from the upper metal support of our bracket and gravity drops the lid closed.
YukChuk Under-Counter Kitchen Food Waste Compost Container. - We have happy customers now using our product in well over 25, 000 homes and businesses throughout the world since our introduction in 2012. Capacity: 2 gallon. The compost bucket can easily be removed from the rack by sliding it upwards and off the rack for ease of cleaning or emptying. Strengthened / stronger bucket design for 2016.
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Dimensions: overall Height - Top to Bottom: -3075". Convenient lift-off lid for easy access. Material: -Plastic. Overall width - Side to Side: -26". Additional limited-time savings reflected in current price. 65 gallon capacity. Four access doors to retrieve composted material. Made of UV stabilized material. Heavy duty construction.
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YukChuk Under-Counter Kitchen Food Waste Compost Container. - Certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute to meet the ASTM D6400 standard.
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