Purolator C36115-3PK PurolatorONE Cabin Air Filter, 3 Pack

Purolator C36115-3PK PurolatorONE Cabin Air Filter, 3 Pack
Purolator C36115-3PK - The cabin air filter also aids in defroster performance and helps to improve overall driving comfort by encouraging better airflow through the vehicle. Purolatorone cabin air filters prevent airborne contaminants like allergens, dust mites, pollen, dirt and soot - as well as toxic fumes and odors carbon applications from entering the passenger compartment of your vehicle.
Easy-to-follow instructions included in every box - easy to replace most applications. Purolatorone cabin air filters are available in particulate and carbon configurations, covering most vehicles on the road today. This culture of product innovation, design, and customer service still exists today insuring our customers continue to receive quality filtration products manufactured by the company that invented the business - Purolator.
Encourages better airflow and improves defroster and A/C performance. Replacing a cabin air filter every 12 months or 12, 000 miles improves air quality in the vehicle's cabin and helps to protect the A/C system. Purolator has been manufacturing, marketing and distributing filters since 1923. Refer to vehicle owner's manual for recommended maintenance schedules.
Purolator C36115-3PK PurolatorONE Cabin Air Filter, 3 Pack - If you're looking for the best in automotive filtration products including oil filters, air filters, transmission filters, cabin filters, and more, fuel filters, then look no further! Purolator filtration products provide high quality performance for everyday driving. Purolator has introduced more than 40 "firsts" in the automotive filtration industry, 000 filtration part numbers for automotive, and now has more than 2, light truck and heavy-duty applications, and continues to work on product innovation and design.
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