Out of Stocks

Out of Stocks
TH.NOIERT.-LLC - Installation Instruction 1. Shut off water source 2. Remove the existing filter by turning i left, and then take it out 3. Remove the cap of a new filter, insert it into refrigerator and turn right to lock it in place 4. Recover the water source, and check it there is leakage 5. Run the working prcess for 4 minutesabout 8 cups of water for purge6 reset replacement indicator light by pressing the ice type button and the child lockor moisture controlbutton simultaneously for 3 seconds remember to replace the filter every 6 months or 200gallons replacement for this models edr1rxd1, gsf26c4exq, filter1 gsc25c4eyb gsc25c5eyb gsc25c6eyb gsf26c4exb gsf26c4exw gss26c4xxb gss30c6eyb gss30c7eyb kffs20eyms kfis29pbms ksc24c8eyy ksf26 ksf26c4xyy ksf26c6 ksf26c6xyy ksf26c6xyy04 p4rfkb2 p4rfwb p5wb2l ps2378001 sf26c4exy w10276924 w10291030 w10295370 w10394044 wrf560seyb00 wrf560seym00 wrf560seymoo wrf560seyw00 wrf736sDAW11 WRL767SIAM GSF26C4EXA, W10295370A, Kenmore 46-9930 9930 9930P 469930 04609930000, FILTER 1, GSF26C4EXS, GSS26C4XXA, GSF26C4EXY, If you are not satisfied with your purchase, GSF26C4EXT, GSF26C4EXB, Please Contact us.
We will replaced new one or Refund to you. 0 why to choose us healthy choice:our active carbon block Filter Is Designed to Reduce Levels of Chlorine off-flavors & odor, Lead Cysts and Other Impurities & Contaminants. Save more:you can get the Same Quality But Only 50% Price. The filter removes 99% of contaminants: no more bad taste & other Volatile Organic Compounds No More lead & Odors NO More Chlorine & other heavy metals Product Parameter Flow Rate: 0.
Out of Stocks - 5 gpm1. 9lpm micron Rate: 0
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