Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker | BlueTop Coffee | Iced Coffee and Iced Tea Brewer Infuser

BlueTop Coffee
Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker | BlueTop Coffee | Iced Coffee and Iced Tea Brewer Infuser
BlueTop Coffee - Super durable and precise stainless steel filter. Traditional coffee methods. Deep filter. The majority of the beans are noT SOAKED IN WATER, resulting in watered down coffee. Durable glass & airtight lid. Make enough coffee for a week. Free secret recipes. Our large filter basket allows a very high 1:2 ratio of coffee grounds to water.
Everyone can make a cup of coffee, but our burristas have put together special recipes so you can impress friends :. Most cold brew containers look fancy, but have a narrow and short filter. Make amazing cold brew. It can handle even fine coffee grinds, without getting coffee grinds in your coffee. Instruction manual with recipes  CREATE CONCENTRATED BREW.
Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker | BlueTop Coffee | Iced Coffee and Iced Tea Brewer Infuser - No plastic or leaking wood lid that erodes away. Results in rich coffee taste with its wonderful aromas preserved and ~65% less bitter vs. Made with love in austin, texas! INCLUDED 1 quart Ball mason jar Airtight metal lid.
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Jarware 82634 Coffee Spoon Clip for Wide Mouth Mason Jars, Orange
Jarware 82634 - We recommend using a 16 oz. RaisingtheJar Clip: 05 x 3 x 3 inch, spoon: 1 x 1. 75 x 5. 75 inch. Clip! scoop! Revive! No more searching for a spoon, let's be honest, keep it where you need it! Clip, scoop, revive! Because, everything's better in a mason jar. To use, snap clip onto jar. Jar not included. Attach to your mason jar for a unique and convenient way to store coffee, flour or more.
Bpa free and made from recycled materials, durable plastic construction. Fits wide mouth mason jars, recommended jar size: 16 oz. Transform your mason jar into a unique way to store coffee, flour or more! Our Coffee Spoon Clip is BPA free and made of recycled materials, especially designed to bring even more uses to your wide mouth mason jars jar not included.
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1 lb. Bag - Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Colombian Supremo Whole Bean Coffee - Medium Dark Roast
Stone Street Coffee Company SYNCHKG091133 - 2. Roast level: medium - Dark Roasted best for cold brewing. 2. No sleep 'til brooklyn!__________________________ stone street is a specialty roaster located in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC and we've been roasting delicious coffee since 2009 Who we are We are dedicated to the fine art of handcrafted coffees.
Size 1 pound bag of whole bean coffee how to make cold brew coffee________________________________ Using French Press 1. Bean origin 100% colombian supremo Stand Up Pouch Packaging 3-Layer Natural Kraft + Foil bag. We take pride in our ethical & intimate sourcing relationships with the best coffee farms and growing regions.
Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker | BlueTop Coffee | Iced Coffee and Iced Tea Brewer Infuser - Who is it for? coffee lovers who appreciate specialty-grade beans, very smooth, slightly sweet, well balanced, & freshly roasted small batch quality what to expect from our colD BREW RESERVE COFFEE____________________________________________________ Roast Level Medium - Dark Roast - best for cold brewing/cold pressing Flavor Qualities Less acidic than hot coffee, well-balanced taste profiles, & strong/bold coffee flavor.
Includes a one-way de-gassing valve to maintain freshness & aroma. We have perfected the roasting process over many years and we expertly develop each coffee's unique characteristics and full flavor profile. Cold brew reserve: artfully crafted to make delicious cold/iced coffee. Cold brew requires special attention to the bean's origin, quality, & roast level.
Taste profile: low acidity, slightly sweet, smooth, well balanced, & bold coffee flavor.
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Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 2 Quart - Make Amazing Cold Brew Coffee and Tea with This Durable Mason Jar with Stainless Steel Filter and Stainless Steel Lid
County Line Kitchen F1002B - In addition, the stainless steel filter allows the aromatic oils of the beans that are removed by a paper filter to pass through into the coffee further improving the flavor. Clean up is quick and simple and all components are dishwasher safe. You will enjoy our high quality, stainless steel filter. All components are dishwasher safe.
Simply add coffee, steep overnight and drink. There is no need to worry about breaking your jar, this heavy duty jar can withstand rough handling. The heavy duty mesh in our filters will last a lifetime. Our brewer's components are all made of inert, stainless steel and silicone rubber including our stainless steel lid!
You can also cold brew tea and our brewer makes a great infuser too! Infuse water with your favorite fruits or infuse oils with spices or other flavorings! Our rolled and folded seam eliminates any sharp edges. Ball mason jars are made to last and built to withstand the canning process. The low acid content of the coffee is also a benefit for reflux sufferers.
Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker | BlueTop Coffee | Iced Coffee and Iced Tea Brewer Infuser - High quality materials our jar is a ball 2 quart mason jar made from durable soda lime glass. Because we use a standard mason jar, you can add your own jar to the system to brew one batch while drinking another. The silicone seal allows you to shake the jar during the brewing process ensuring that all of the grounds are completely wetted.
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Tiny Footprint Coffee SYNCHKG037616 - The mindo cloudforest foundation works directly with local landowners to provide jobs related to the care and redevelopment of the cloud forest. How are we carbon negative? well, it takes 4 lbs of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 lb of our coffee. Tinyfootprintcoffee. Com tiny footprint coffee – mindo cloudforest foundation Partnership MCF -Our reforestation efforts along the Northwestern Andes of Ecuador help to plant native tree species throughout the Mindo Cloud Forest region in heavily deforested areas.
All of our coffees come from select high-altitude Fair Trade cooperatives and farms, third-party certified organic by Onecert. Tiny footprint coffee -tiny footprint was founded in 2010 by a team of specialty coffee artisans as the world’s first carbon negative coffee company. Beginning in 2008, mcf designed and is executing Ecuador's first and only Verified Carbon Standard validated reforestation project.
Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker | BlueTop Coffee | Iced Coffee and Iced Tea Brewer Infuser - 100% arabica & Organic coffee beans. Craft roasted in our vintage 90 kilo German-built Probat drum roaster retrofitted with modern fuel-efficient ribbon burners, delivering perfectly roasted coffee every time. Carbon negative and earth positive. Over time, these trees will remove 54 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere.
We roast all of our coffee in our 1960s German built Probat drum roaster retrofitted with the latest fuel-efficient technology to ensure consistent and precise batches every roast.
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