IREALIST Faucet Water Filter, White Blue

IREALIST Faucet Water Filter, White Blue
IREALIST Faucet Water Filter - Two different kinds of water way, energy saving. The accuracy of filtration is up to 01um so that it can filtrate impurities, sediment, harmful materials, heavy metals, the water tastes pure and natural. Diatom membrane filter to filter water step by step, ceramic or diamond charcoal, using the top high quality filter configuration, you can use different filter depending on the water quality.
The faucet water filter is of separate structure, easy to install and maintenance, the filter can be replaced easily. Two ways of water production, switch freely, save water and water is more clean. Providing clean and safety environment for your family. Exquisite gift box packaging, a pretty wonderful gift to your friends and their family members.
IREALIST Faucet Water Filter, White Blue - Perfect for home using. Strong filter function, different water can choose different filter. Filter replacement reminder, safe and convenient. Product safety high-performance. Features: this product volume is small, easy to use and install. Widely use, and can be install by different kinds of faucet.
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