FRAM FT1238 Automatic Transmission Filter

FRAM FT1238 Automatic Transmission Filter
FRAM FT1238 - Fram internal trans cartridge w/fiber Based Gasket Fram filters ft1238 auto traNS FILTER.
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1 gal - ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid
ACDelco 10-9395 - Provides for extended drain intervals. Dexron-vi automatic transmission fluid is suitable for use in vehicles that specify the following requirements: fully licensed and approved by GM, or recommended for any other vehicle manufacturer that calls for DEXRON-VI, recommended for use in GM transmission model years 2006 and newer calling for DEXRON-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid replaces DEXRON-III and DEXRON-IIE, III, or IIE.
Backward compatible with previous dexrON automatic transmission fluids and can be used as a much-improved replacement for older vehicles/transmissions originally using previous DEXRON fluids. Improved performance over previous DEXRON fluids in: friction durability, viscosity stability, aeration and foam control, and oxidation resistance.
FRAM FT1238 Automatic Transmission Filter - Potential to enable improved fuel economy and longer transmission life. Acdelco dexron-vi automatic transmission Fluid is the most recent release in the well-established DEXRON series of automotive transmission fluids. It provides more consistent shift performance, even in extreme conditions, and degrades less over time.
Acdelco dexron-vi automatic transmission fluid is not for use in CVT Continuously Variable Transmissions or DCT Dual Clutch Transmissions which require specialized fluids. Dexron-vi automatic transmission Fluid helps automatic transmissions last longer and perform better.
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