FloJet BW5000 Bottled Water System PLUS Chrome Long Reach FAUCET KIT

Xylem & QMP
FloJet BW5000 Bottled Water System PLUS Chrome Long Reach FAUCET KIT
Xylem & QMP - The wand has a built in back-flow valve to prevent water from flowing back into the bottle. Faucet - chrome long necked - installation kit includes gam flow control 1/4" tube plug-in x 7/16" 24 uns Plastic washer Hex faucet nut Lock washer Brass compression nut Chrome washer for base of faucet Thin rubber washer Small washer, plastic ferrule Plastic insert Model bw5000 with chrome long Neck Faucet - All you need for installation is included.
The chrome long Neck faucet comes ready for in-counter installation. Quick connect port, speeds installation and replacement of suction and discharge tubing. The suction wand, when inserted into the water bottle, activates the float switch on the pump. Illuminated on/off switch, provides clear visibility in dark or hard-to-reach places.
FloJet BW5000 Bottled Water System PLUS Chrome Long Reach FAUCET KIT - This float switch also shuts off the system when the bottle is empty. Designed for convenience and portability, pump recipe-quality water from commercial bottles. Quick connect adapter for the faucet connection. This convenient kit creates a simple, self contained bottled water system with its own separate faucet.
An adapter is included that allows easy plug-in of the flojet hose to the faucet BW5000 The newly re-designed FloJet Model BW5000 Bottled Water Dispensing System PLUS is designed to pump water from commercially available 3, 5, or 6 gallon water bottles. The system delivers the bottled water under pressure to a sink mounted drinking water faucet, or to the water inlet of a refrigerator, icemaker, coffee brewer, or Jupiter Water Ionizer.
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RV Concepts
18 treatments - Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment
RV Concepts HC-18-oz - Long term, proper usage reduces buildup of scum, scale and clogs, sludge, forestalling expensive professional tank cleaning. Simply good bacteria overtaking bad; eliminate odor, accelerate natural waste decomposition. Standard dosage: 1 scoop per 40 gallons hot weather: 2 scoops cassette & potty: 2 scoops, increase water Recirculating Toilet: 3 scoops, remove and clean filterMONEY BACK GUARANTEE Odor free: absolutely no chemical or sewer smell.
Liquefies solid waste and most household tissue. The most task and cost effective product on the market today! DIRECTIONS, Black/Gray Tank: Precharge tank with aprox. Extended dump interval: keeps on working don't have to add more before dumping. 1 gal. Slowly sprinkle 1 full scoop over FULL bowl of water. Works longer and in extreme climates, over 100°F.
FloJet BW5000 Bottled Water System PLUS Chrome Long Reach FAUCET KIT - Stir with toilet brush and IMMEDIATELY flush. Safe, clean, effective. Effective: in extreme hot & cold temperatures over 100°f. Organic: biodegradable, environmentally friendly, septic tank friendly. Happy campers organic, eliminate them! natural, Odorless RV Holding Tank Treatment Don't just mask odors, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, no formaldehyde or harsh chemicals.
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