Covert Carbon Filter 8" x 24", 750 CFM

Covert Carbon Filter 8" x 24", 750 CFM
916-2 - Covert carbon filters are the solution to effectively remove unwanted odors and smells from your garden. Perfect for use in grow tents, grow rooms or any enclosed grow to remove odor and improve the quality of the air. Long life span - on average will last 12-18 months. Covert carbon filters will purify and filter out any unwanted molds, dust, pollen, spores, odors and any other particles that can have adverse effects on your plants.
Cover carbon filters are designed with a 50mm thick bed of low density virgin activated coal carbon that is precisely packed for even airflow, while maximizing the surface area of carbon to more easily hold on and absorb odor particles. Constructed with lightweight stainless steel mesh exterior that forces the air to evenly enter the packed carbon bed for a consistent long lasting performance 12-18 months.
Covert Carbon Filter 8" x 24", 750 CFM - All covert filters come with a re-usable pre-filter that will filter out the large particles before they enter the carbon bed which significantly extends the life of the virgin activated carbon. Covert filters have a built-on flange that is easy to attach to ducting or an inline fan. Great for removing odor and cleaning air.
Included washable fabric pre-filter for prolonged filter life. The lightweight and compact design makes for easy hanging and saves space. 750 cfmmachine packed activated virgin carbon allows for maximum air scrubbinghighly effective, low density virgin carbon50mm carbon bed ensures all air is cleanedInner and outer mesh provides 53% open area allowing increased air flowBuilt-in flangeIncludes pre-filter for prolonged filter lifeLightweight construction allows for easy hangingNo maintenance requiredLong life span 12-18 months Evenly machine packed activated virgin coconut carbon allows for the maximum air scrubbing.
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