CMA Professional 2 pack Every Drop 1 Whirlpool FILTER 1 EDR1RXD1 W10295370A Replace Water Filter Sealed

CMA Professional 2 pack Every Drop 1 Whirlpool FILTER 1 EDR1RXD1 W10295370A Replace Water Filter Sealed
new - Operating parameters: Flow Rate: 075 gpm 2. 84 lpm capacity: 200 gallons 757 liters This is a mechanical and chemical reduction filter. Part number edr1rxd1 replaces: 9900, w10295370a, w10295370, w10569761, jenn-air, 9981, maytag, filter 1, w10569758, kitchenaid, w10291030, w10569760, w10217316, w10394044 whirlpool 3wsc19d4ay00 3wsc19d4xb00 3wsc19d4xd00 3wsc19d4xw00 3wsc19d4xy00 3wsc19d4xy01 5vwt71reyf00 5wrs22fdbf00 5wrs22fdbf02 5wrs22fdfg00 5wrs25fdbf00 5wrs25fdbf02 5wsc20cayb00 5wsc20cayy00 6wsc20c6xb00 6wsc20c6xb02 6wsc20c6xb04 6wsc20c6xd00 6wsc20c6xd02 6wsc20c6xd04 6wsc20c6xw00 7wsc19d2xs01 7wsc19d2xw00 7wsc21c4xa00 7wsc21c4xw00 7wsc21c4xy00 7wsc21c4xy01 brs62cbana00 maytag mff2055dre00 mff2055dre01 mff2055drh00 mff2055drh01 mff2055drm00 mff2055drm01 mff2055frb00 mff2055frw00 mff2055frz00 mff2055yeb00 mff2055yeb01 mff2055yeb02 mff2055yem00 mff2055yem01 mff2055yem02 mff2055yew00 mff2055yew01 mff2055yew02 mfw2055dre00 mfw2055dre01 mfw2055drh00 kitchenaid 7ksc24c8ey00 7ksf26c6yy00 kffs20eybl00 kffs20eybl01 kffs20eybl02 kffs20eybl04 kffs20eyms00 kffs20eyms01 kffs20eyms02 kffs20eyms04 kffs20eywh00 kffs20eywh01 kffs20eywh02 kffs20eywh04 krff300ebl00 krff300ebs00 krff300ess00 krff300ess01 krff300ewh00 krff300ewh01 krsc500ess00 krsc503ebs00 krsc503ess00 krsf505ebl00 krsf505ess00 krsf505ewh00 ksc23c8eyb00 ksc23c8eyb02 ksc23c8eyw00 ksc23c8eyw02 ksc23c8eyy00 ksc23c8eyy01 ksc23c8eyy02 ksc23c8eyy03 ksc23c9eyb00 ksc23c9eyb02 ksc23c9eyw00 ksc23c9eyw02 ksc23c9eyy00 ksc23c9eyy01 ksc23c9eyy02 ksc23w8eyb00 kenmore 10641162310 106500222101065002221110650023210106500232111065002921010650029211 106500292131065112221010651122211106511232101065112321110651124210 106511242111065112921010651129211106511292121065113221010651132213 106511332101065113321310651134210106511342131065113561010651136210 10651139210 10651139213 certified to fit these leading refrigerator brands: Whirlpool, W10735398, 883049361901, 9930, FILTER1, and Amana.
Replacement cartridge p8rfwb2l for system model p8wb2l replaces kenmore 46-9081 Whirlpool W10295370 Reduces 24 contaminants, waterborne parasites, including pharmaceuticals, lead, pesticides, asbestos and industrial chemicals NSF certified. Replace filter every 6 months or 200 gallons to maximize contaminant reduction.
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