Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5079WS Lexus, Toyota

Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5079WS Lexus, Toyota
Bosch 5079WS - Protects your engine by stopping 98% of engine-threatening particles. Engineered with high-quality materials for flawless operation over the entire service life of the filter. Prevention of unfiltered air entering engine intake with a high-quality seal. Dirty air filters can cause decreased fuel mileage, increased engine wear, and even problems starting the engine.
Check your engine air filter at every oil change and always replace a dirty filter with a high-quality Bosch product.
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TYC 800009P Toyota/Lexus Replacement Cabin Air Filter
TYC 800009P - Easy to install onto most vehicles within 7 minutes; installation instruction included with each unit. Toyota genuine part # 87139-48020, 87139-48020, 87139-yzz04, 87139-48020-83; Replacement Fram CF10138. Each tyc caf also comes with step-by-step installation instructions for ease of replacement. Provides clean air for you and your passengers; recommended replacement interval: every 12, 000 miles.
Eliminates nearly 100% of exhaust pollutants and airborne contaminants. Pollen, allergens, various fuel-based contaminants from the outside road environment all pass into and are filtered by your vehicle's Cabin Air Filter, or CAF. Oe-comparable configuration as either Particle filter single-stage or Combination filter with additional carbon layer to remove odor.
Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5079WS Lexus, Toyota - A tyc caf is designed to have the same or better filtration efficiency as the original equipment filter: its identical dust load capacity ensures the same amount of particulate-collecting power, while factory-correct level of pressure drop ensures proper air flow through the vehicle's cabin.
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NGK RC-TE58 Spark Plug Wire Set
NGK RC-TE58 - The variable pitch winding provides suppression throughout a very wide range by scrambling and breaking up the electrical waves radiated by the firing of the spark plugs. With over 80 years of automotive experience, NGK’s family of automotive products are driven by extreme dedication to innovation, performance and quality.
Variable pitch winding delivers ultra-low resistance, a powerful spark and outstanding EMI/RFI noise suppression. Ngk’s premium ignition products are manufactured to the highest durability and operational performance to meet OE standards. High density, premium fiberglass braiding reinforcement over EPDM / silicone inner insulation for superior dielectric strength and excellent cable tensile strength.
Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5079WS Lexus, Toyota - Ngk wire set: 5mm ultra-low resistance magnetic core, wire wound ignition cable with OEM or better specified spark plug and distributor boots. They utilize a construction method known as variable pitch wire winding to create resistance to radio frequency interference. Numbered for easy cylinder identification and coil wires are color coded for correct and easy installation.
Ngk wire sets are built to meet stringent OEM tolerances for a variety of vehicles. Ngk’s oe legacy, unsurpassed quality and leading vehicles in operation coverage reinforces NGK as The Ignition Specialist offering quality replacement parts for domestic and import vehicles. The ignition specialist full-line product offering includes: spark plugs, ignition coils, glow plugs, coil-on-plug boots and wire sets.
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FRAM FV380 Positive Crankcase Ventilation PCV Valve
FRAM FV380 - Although the pcv valve is a simple device, it is designed to reduce the air pressure inside the engine and redirect it to the air intake system. Regular maintenance helps to avoid poor engine performance, rough idling, and stalling. The valve can plug up over time, which will result in a poor running engine that delivers less power and reduced fuel economy.
If there is vacuum, replace the PCV valve. To see if the hose is bad, pull the hose off and put your thumb over the end. It is important to note that PCV valves are sized for specific engine applications. The pcv valve was the first of the emission system components to be put into production vehicles. Designed to reduce air pressure inside the engine.
Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5079WS Lexus, Toyota - Critical to emissions compliance testing, FRAM PCV Valves can help to ensure that your vehicle meets the emission standards. Helps to ensure that your vehicle meets emission standards. If not, replace the hose. If you hear a little click, then the PCV valve is good. To test the pcv valve, start the engine, pull the valve out of the valve cover and put your thumb over the hole in the end.
Critical component to emissions compliance testing. Pcv stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation.
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POTAUTO MAP 1005C CF10138 Activated Carbon Car Cabin Air Filter Replacement for LEXUS, IS300, RX300, TOYOTA, Highlander
Potauto MAP 1005C - Why to replace / upgrade with Potauto? 1. Reducing at least 98% of these contaminants Dust, Exhaust Gas, Pollen, Bacteria, Particles of 5-100 microns. Etc. From the air passing through the filter & entering the interior of the vehicle cabin. When to replace with Potauto? 1. Routine maintenance: change filter every 12 months or 12, 000-15, 000 miles Please refer to the owners manual recommendations.
3 increase safety through reduced deposits in the fan or on the windscreen, Exhaust Gas, Pollen, and protect HVAC air conditioning performance. Competitor cross reference part numbers for reference only, k&n vf2008, kleener caf1774, service pro mc38222, lexus 87139-48020, stp caf1774, bosch p3753, toyota 87139-48020, 87139-48020-83, ecoguard xc38222, hastings af1245, champ caf1774, purolator c38222, pronto pc-8222, parts master 94901, napa 4901, G K INDUSTRIES CF1051, lexus 87139-yzz04, wix 24901, please check size: air qualitee aq1062, beck/arnley 042-2027, afc1245, defense dc062, atp ra-7, cf-48, FRAM CF10138.
Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5079WS Lexus, Toyota - Change filter every 12 months or 12, or humming, or weak air volume. 2. Check & replace filter if peculiar smell / odors emit from the cabin air outlets. Legal disclaimer: the brand name & replace filter if peculiar smell / odors emit from the cabin air outlets, 000-15, Trademarks & Model # if listed are for cross reference only.
From the air passing through the filter & entering the interior of the vehicle.
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Beck Arnley
Beck Arnley 039-6428 PCV Valve Grommet
Beck Arnley 039-6428 - High quality construction for durability. Our product specialists work with a network of global sourcing partners so you can install the right part with confidence. Beck/arnley parts meet foreign nameplate OE specifications for form, fit and function. Matches oe form, fit, and function. Made of durable rubber material.
Application specific to ensure a correct fit for your vehicle. Designed to withstand harsh operating conditions.
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Fel-Pro VS 50304 R-1 Valve Cover Gasket Set
Fel-Pro VS 50304 R-1 - Engineered for sealing repair environment. Fel-pro gaskets offers 100% vehicle sealing with application-specific materials to give you sealing solutions with the performance and durability Professional Trust. Validated for fit, form, and function. Meets or exceeds all original equipment specifications. Unsurpassed quality you can trust.
Application-specific design ensures a perfect fit and premium seal.
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Bosch 3311 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter
Bosch 3311 - Strong steel base plates and housings prevent warpage, leaks, and poor fit. This oil filter, featuring bosch fiLTECH, utilizes an exclusive blend of natural and synthetic materials to provide superior oil filtration and increased engine wear protection. Silicone anti-drainback valve ensures a supply of clean oil when the vehicle is started.
Bosch premium filtech oil Filter provides superior oil filtration for increased engine protection. Bosch recommends the use of Castrol motor oil. Exclusive filtech media technology screens out more harmful contaminants for greater engine protection. High lubricity gasket design provides a tight seal, yet allows for easy removal.
Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5079WS Lexus, Toyota - The bosch filtech filtering area is up to 42 percent larger than conventional filters and the filter media is close to 30 percent thicker, and can screen out more harmful contaminants than a conventional filter.
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APDTY 707817 Engine Air Intake Throttle Body Hose Fits 1997-1999 Toyota Camry 2.2L Includes Solara; Replaces Toyota 17881-03121, 17881-74730
APDTY - Factory oem fit Form And Function. Brand new engine air intake HoseFits 1997-1999 Toyota Camry 2. 2lfits 1997-1999 toyota Solara 2. 2lreplaces toyota 17881-03121, 17881-74730 Meets or exceeds OEM Specs.
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Toyota Genuine Parts 90915-YZZF2 Oil Filter
Toyota 90915-YZZF2 - Recommended for use with Toyota motor oil products. Genuine oEM - direct fit. Provides quality engine effectiveness. Can be used with other motor oil brands. Toyota genuine parts oil filter is the exact Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM part that your vehicle came with. When you select a genuine oem part, you can rely on the high quality and effectiveness of the product and brand without having to guess if the product will work in sequence with your vehicle.
Protecting your investment is important and choosing the right parts can be challenging. Effectively removes contaminants. Stick with what you know and choose a Genuine OEM part. So don't risk another minute by searching and buying something that might work.
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Denso 4504 PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug, Pack of 1
Denso PK20TT - To maximize the longevity and enhance the durability of the spark plug, DENSO applied platinum to both the center and ground electrodes. Platinum offers superior resistance to erosion and corrosion enabling DENSO to create a spark plug capable of consistent performance. Denso pioneered the use of platinum in spark plug manufacturing.
Improve fuel economy, better acceleration and faster starts than all other single platinum plugs. Twin-tip design enables faster flame propagation for more complete combustion. Purified alumina powder insulator provides exceptional dielectric strength and thermal conductivity, allowing the material to stand up to extreme stress.
Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5079WS Lexus, Toyota - Twin-tip technology with 11 mm platinum center electrode and 11 mm titanium enhanced ground electrode.
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