ATP B-362 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit

ATP B-362 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit
ATP B-362 - This is achieved by matching the OE specification of particle filtration and fluid flow. Atp transmission filters are designed to keep the transmission fluid clean and flowing consistently, as intended by the original manufacturer. Ensures transmission longevity when replaced at regular service intervals.
The company was an innovator of transmission rebuild kits and, flywheels and ring gears, over the years, has expanded its product offering to include automatic transmission filter kits, repair kits, cables, cabin air filters and chemicals. The exclusive 3rd hand Pan Gasket is an innovative gasket solution invented by ATP.
ATP B-362 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit - The feature also ensures transmission pan bolts do not loosen over time due to the expanded gasket. Every transmission will eventually accumulate debris from normal wear and tear. The material composition of the gasket is also unique. In 2001, the graywerks by ATP line was introduced. The fibrous gasket swells slightly with the first heat cycle, preventing any leaks long term and filling in imperfections on the pan and transmission surfaces.
It is critical that the transmission fluid is kept clean so that the valve body and other vital components do not become clogged making them in-operable. Premium filter specified to OE levels of filtration and fluid flow. Exclusive gasket material swells with first heat cycle to prevent leaks long term.
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