ATP B-349 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit

ATP B-349 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit
ATP B-349 - The company was fully rebranded as ATP Automotive in 2014. In 2001, the graywerks by ATP line was introduced. Designed to prevent pan leaks. Kit for mini gatvt16z transmissions confirm by inputting year / make / model. Includes replacement gasket. By regularly replacing your transmission filter, you will be extending your transmission’s life and avoiding the possibility of costly repairs.
It is critical that the transmission fluid is kept clean so that the valve body and other vital components do not become clogged making them in-operable. Premium filter specified to OE levels of filtration and fluid flow. About atp automotive: atp was founded on July 1, 1955. This is achieved by matching the OE specification of particle filtration and fluid flow.
ATP B-349 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit - Atp automotive strives to provide the highest quality parts to their valued customers. Ensures transmission longevity when replaced at regular service intervals. Atp transmission filters are designed to keep the transmission fluid clean and flowing consistently, as intended by the original manufacturer. This line consists of exhaust manifolds, harmonic balancers, timing covers and engine and transmission pans.
The company was an innovator of transmission rebuild kits and, flywheels and ring gears, repair kits, has expanded its product offering to include automatic transmission filter kits, cables, over the years, cabin air filters and chemicals.
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NGK 54058 Spark Plug Wire Set
NGK EUX065 - This wire set uses high quality EPDM and silicone coverings to resist heat, oil and chemical damages for increased durability. Features outstanding durability and consistent performance. It is numbered for easy cylinder identification and coil wires are color coded for correct and easy installation. Offers excellent noise suppression.
You can depend on NGK for quality and reliability. Constructed from durable material. Each ignition wire is fitted with a positive locking, corrosion resistant stainless steel terminal end for tight fit and maximum resistance to vibration, separation. Ngk spark plug wire Set is designed specifically for noise suppression and superior conductivity.
ATP B-349 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit - It is constructed from durable material which enhances the overall strength of the wire providing a super strength backbone on which the various layers of the wire assembly are formed. Color coded for easy installation.
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Pentosin CVT Fluid 1L 1120107
Pentosin 1120107 - Pentosin cvt1 is formulated by means of the best commercially available synthetic base oils and additive components offering the highest levels in thermal and oxidative stability. Allows ideal friction performance for both CVT belt and CVT chains. With modern additive technology as well as a high shear stability and excellent defaming properties, Pentosin CVT1 enables a high wear resistance and ideal friction performance for CVT belt and CVT chain.
Warning: this product contains substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other developmental harm. Please see product Description regarding the Prop 65 Warning. Pentosin cvt1 is a fully synthetic high performance fluid for application in continuously variable automatic gear boxes.
ATP B-349 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit - Fully synthetic high performance fluid for continuously variable transmissions and offers the highest level of thermal and oxidative stability. Fully miscible and compatible with other CVT fluids. It is fully miscible and compatible with other high-quality CVT fluids. Enables high wear resistance to transmission parts.
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Uniquely formulated for top-rated efficiency for the life of the filter. It is vital that any dirt or contamination picked up by the circulating oil be removed before it is pumped back into the engine. Performs at 96. 2% efficiency in the single-pass efficiency tests.
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Latest V7.6 Creator C310+ for BMW/MINI OBD OBD II Code Scanner Full System Check ABS/SRS/DSC/ Engine/ EPS /Auto Transmission/Air Condition/Instrument Diagnostic Scan Tool
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The system include engine, X series, 6 series, instrument etc. All-in-one bmw diagnostic tool: multi-function code reader, transmission and all other systematic warning light, turn off abs, datastream graph display, living data, retrieve vehicle information, airbag, including read and erase trouble codes, special function for service light reset Oil light reset.
ATP B-349 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit - Perfect lcd display: 2. 8'' color screen, 320*240 pixel display. Bmw code scanner c310+ functions before plug in scanner, Please turn on the ignition full with engine running *1. Reasonable button set, select the high quality to improve the feeling of touch, make it easy to operate. No worries about upgrade: this obd scanner is come with upgrade disk, if the disk is missing in the future, please don't worry, we will provide the website for free on-line upgrade.
Click update button and select the software you download before; 4. Setup update tools: Download form creator website: http://www. Szcreator.
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The particle filter keeps dust and particles such as pollen, diesel soot or tire dust away from the interior of the vehicle. Mann-filter non-woven is also naturally free of chemical impregnation and odor-free. Consistent filtration performance throughout the entire service interval.
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Ecogard X5465 - Replaces: fram ch9584 purolator l15465 wix 57303 OE 11 42 7 512 446. Replaces: fram ch9584 purolator l15465 wix 57303 oe 11 42 7 512 446. Compatible with 2002-2008 Mini Cooper. Built for both synthetic and conventional oils. Proven to drive up to 5, 000 miles between oil changes with confidence. Greater engine protection by optimally screening out 97% of harmful contaminants such as such as carbon, sand, dust and bits of metal before they can get into your oil.
Hassle-free installation with included O-rings for housing and cap. Installs easily with included instructions. Ecogard x5465 compatible with 2002-2008 Mini Cooper.
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URO Parts 17 10 7 515 485 Expansion Tank Cap
URO Parts 17 10 7 515 485 - The company offers the widest selection of top-notch products such as body rubber engine drivetrain brake electrical suspension steering cooling air conditioning and these are just a few to name. Get these quality products at competitive prices that won't cost you a fortune. Standing at the leading-edge of technology and craftsmanship ?â?ôRO is a recognized industry leader offering the finest replacement parts and accessories for Audi Jaguar Land Rover Porsche Mercedes-Benz and other vehicles.
Brand New. The company keeps in touch with the latest automotive trends and offers a wide range of products to restore the look and performance of classic vehicles. Uro parts offers a comprehensive selection of dependable exhaust parts including exhaust and muffler mounts which are made from the finest materials to ensure a proper fit and reliable operation.
ATP B-349 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit - Keep your vehicle in tip-top working condition and replace worn out or damaged components in time to enjoy superior driving for many years to come. If you need to restore your vehicle's performance to its proper level and enjoy a quiet driving experience again top-grade and dependable URO parts are the best option to go.
Manufactured to meet or exceed the highest OE requirements these top-notch transmission parts will work as good as you've come to expect from original components. Ro set itself apart for providing superior quality products that are designed manufactured and tested at its ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified facilities at far much an attractive price.
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Consistently high separation efficiency. Optimum protection for the engine.
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Right fit the first time. Every part is manufactured with top quality materials to ensure it has the same tolerances as the part that came on the car to provide ease of installation and long lasting durability. For European vehicles. Rein automotive products provide you with the proper fit, form and function for European vehicles.
ATP B-349 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit - Original Equipment fit, form and function.
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