ACDelco TF328 Professional Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit

ACDelco TF328 Professional Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit
ACDelco TF328 - Has an air-tight seam that virtually eliminates loss of line pressure. Has filter fibers that are infused with phenolic resin, adding strength and the ability to withstand fluid temperatures at the highest level of the transmission's normal operating range. Has felt filter media that helps deliver high-filtration efficiency, excellent fluid flow, and long filter life.
Provides the performance and dependability you expect from ACDelco. This automatic transmission filter kit meets the performance standards you would expect from ACDelco. The professional, premium aftermarket Automatic Transmission Filter Kit includes the materials to mount a transmission filter in place. Manufactured to meet expectations for fit, form, and function.
ACDelco TF328 Professional Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit - Professional, premium aftermarket replacement.
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Eagle BHP
Eagle BHP 1408 Engine Torque Mount 3.0L Front Right
Eagle BHP 1408 - Meets or exceed OEM performance requirements. Strong rubber. One brand new replacement part high quality and Performance : Lexus Es 300 Toyota Avalon Toyota Camry Engine Mount Torque 3. 0l front Right. Replacement part.
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Features outstanding durability and consistent performance. This wire set uses high quality EPDM and silicone coverings to resist heat, oil and chemical damages for increased durability. It is numbered for easy cylinder identification and coil wires are color coded for correct and easy installation. Constructed from durable material.
ACDelco TF328 Professional Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit - It is constructed from durable material which enhances the overall strength of the wire providing a super strength backbone on which the various layers of the wire assembly are formed. Color coded for easy installation.
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ACDelco TF328 Professional Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit - Since the air is contaminated with oil, gasoline and engine metal residue, this in time will affect the operation of the valve assembly. If there is no vacuum at the hole, either the valve is bad or the hose is bad. Critical to emissions compliance testing, FRAM PCV Valves can help to ensure that your vehicle meets the emission standards.
It is important to note that PCV valves are sized for specific engine applications. If not, replace the hose.
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